This page was created to support APSCA Member Auditors in their efforts to complete their Continuous Professional Development Training hours.

To access available CPD-recognized sessions, register at the button in the above toolbar. 

There are multiple pieces of training available within CPD On-Demand. When registering, click the sessions that you would like to view, and once you have watched please upload CPD using your APSCA Online Account (My Account) to confirm which sessions you viewed.

Please note: sessions can only be viewed and uploaded once, please do not try to submit the same session multiple times to gain additional CPD hours. 


Course code for newly available session from the 2024 Member Auditor Clinic - Ethics & Compliance (1 hour CPD towards CSCA Annual Ethics Requirement): APSE-001

Please select option, ‘other’, for confirmation of attendance when submitting to your CPD portfolio in your ‘My Account’. There is no requirement to upload confirmation of attendance, as APSCA maintains attendance records for this session.


Course codes for newly available sessions from the 2023 AMM are outlined below. 

APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting of Members and Stakeholder Recordings

  • APSCA-006 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting - Responsible Recruitment Training (4 hours CPD)
  • APSCA-007 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting - The Audit Journey (2 hours CPD)
  • APSCA-008 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting - Keynote: Converging Forces (2 hours CPD)
  • APSCA-009 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting - Emerging Legislation Unveiled (2 hours CPD) 
  • APSCA-010 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting - Dynamic Transformations (2 hours CPD) 


Please use these codes when submitting your CPD after viewing the pieces of training. Instructions on how to submit CPD, and the APSCA Online Account (My Account) login can be found in the toolbar above. 



Returning to view your sessions and can't find the links? 

If you have previously registered for sessions and are now returning to watch the recordings, you can click on the blue 'Already Registered?' box in the top right-hand corner. 


Need support? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your CPD enquiry.